Michael Martin Stoffel
Born March 06.1963 in Munich, Germany
Interests: beekeeping, hiking, Buddhism, Tai chi, music, reading, cooking, history, tinkering.


Apprenticeship as blacksmith & offset print form manufacturer 1981­1983
Emergency medical technician as civil service instead of military service 1983­1985

Apprenticeship as goldsmith with Sévigné Jewelers
Promenadeplatz 10, Munich, Germany
Goldsmith at Sévigné Jewelers, Promenadeplatz 10, Munich, Germany 1990­1992

State Academy of Art Hanau, Germany
Master’s title and national certification in jewelry design 1992­1994

Professional Experience

Work as self­employed goldsmith in New Mexico, manufacturing of
one­of­a­kind jewelry and contract work for: Mark W. Howard, Luna Felix,
The Golden Eye, Fairchild’s & co., Falk Burger, Michael Sugarman Designs
Self­employed goldsmith in upstate New York
Jewelry on consignment and commissioned pieces at Linde Meyer Gold & Silver, Philadelphia

Instructor of jewelry making class at the Art center of Troy, NY 2004­2006
Work as goldsmith at Sévigné jewelers, Munich, Germany
Establish gallery/workshop in Grafing(Southeast of Munich),Germany Repair, design and manufacturing of one of a kind jewelry
Contract labor for Sévigné Jewelers; Stone setting, bead setting 2008­2015
Move to South Strafford, VT
August of 2015

My pieces reflect a long time fascination with the ancient art and jewelry of the Egyptian, Etruscan and Celtic cultures. Methods such as chasing and repoussé allow me to create a relationship between convex and concave surfaces. Granulation, a decorative fusion technique common to the creation of jewelry in antique times, adds lively patterns of intriguing detail. Most of my jewelry is finished with a process of surface depletion, to leave fine gold that is then frosted with glass brushes and highlighted with burnishing steel. Natural gemstones bring color accents into my designs.




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